Explanations of Version 1.5 Update Details

Hello, Travelers! Version 1.5 is here, and other than the new content such as the "Serenitea Pot" system that Paimon is super excited about, the dev team has also done some work related to issue fixes and optimizations! Here, everyone in the dev team would like to make some additional notes on some fixes and new content.

Now, let Paimon show you the explanations about this update, let's take a look~


1. New Voice-Over Files Management function added to PC and mobile: You can uninstall voice-over files by going to Settings > Language > Manage Voice-Over Files. (In Version 1.5, you must first update the voice-over files under Settings > Language > Voice-Over Language before you can uninstall them.) 

Travelers, please note that in Version 1.5, you will have to update to the latest version before you can delete the voice-over files you want to remove. We will continue to optimize related features of the voice-over files in subsequent versions.


2. "Creation": Travelers can obtain the materials required to create furnishings in many different ways, all around Teyvat. In the newly launched "Serenitea Pot" system, there is more than one material that can be used to make a certain dye. You can change the recipe of the dye under Creation > Dyes.


3. Adjusted some missions in Battle Pass > Weekly Missions (the total BEP that can be earned remains unchanged by the adjustment).
In this update, we bring to Travelers a new Trounce Domain — "Beneath the Dragon-Queller." To relieve Travelers of the pressure caused by the increase in Trounce Domains, from Version 1.5 onwards, the Original Resin cost of revitalizing the Trounce Blossoms at the Trounce Domains and "Lupus Boreas, Dominator of Wolves" challenge will be halved for the first three times every week. At the same time, Travelers may obtain BEP by completing a specified number of challenges, instead of completing the designated Boss challenges for the Battle Pass. In addition, in conjunction with the newly launched "Serenitea Pot" system, we have replaced the previously difficult to complete gathering tasks with tasks related to the "Serenitea Pot." 


4. Fixed an issue with Fischl's Elemental Burst "Midnight Phantasmagoria" whereby she will incorrectly pass through some large monsters. 

Before the fix, Fischl may incorrectly pass through some large monsters or shield-wielding monsters while using her Elemental Burst, and get stuck inside some large monsters as a result. However, as game content increases, many new opponents will be added into the game gradually. If this problem persists, it will affect more content and the combat experience against more opponents. Out of consideration for Travelers' future playing experience, the dev team decided to fix the problem in this version update.


5. On mobile, three additional adjustment levels have been added under Settings > Camera Sensitivity (Aimed Shot Mode). It has been increased from the original levels 1 to 5 (which now correspond with the new levels 4 to 8) to the new adjustment levels 1 to 8.


6. On mobile, the Acceleration Slider (Aimed Shot Mode) setting has been added. Travelers may choose to enable this mode in the Camera Acceleration Mode (Aimed Shot Mode). With this setting enabled, sliding faster on the screen causes the camera angle to rotate more. It has always been our goal to improve the operating experience of each device. In addition to the optimization of controller buttons, the development team also added new operation options to the Aimed Shot Mode on mobile in this update. Minimum levels have been added to the new sensitivity adjustment levels based on the original levels, which means that Travelers can select a lower sensitivity. Also, with the newly added Camera Acceleration Mode (Aimed Shot Mode) > Acceleration Slider, the magnitude of view rotation can be changed based on the sliding speed. Travelers can choose whether to enable this mode according to their needs. We will continue to pay close attention to Travelers' gaming experience on each operating device, and we welcome Travelers to continue to provide feedback regarding your experience in using various features and problems encountered.


7. The new Mail Pins function has been added. Pinned mail will be placed at the top of your mail list and will not be deleted when pressing Delete Read. However, pinned mail will still expire as normal. 

Travelers can mark priority mails or some event emails with the new Mail Pins function. Mails that are pinned will not be deleted by the Delete All function, and have to be deleted separately. Pinned mail will be placed at the top of your mail list, making them easier to find. However, pinned mail will still disappear after the expiration date. Starting from this version update, we will send some important event mail to Travelers via pinned mail, so that Travelers don't have to worry about deleting them by mistake. We will also implement a mail saving function in future versions.


8. An issue exists whereby if a character skill is cast at the same time as using the "Windsong Lyre" gadget, the skill animation may appear abnormally.

In "Explanations of Some Fixes in the Version 1.4 Update," we addressed an issue with the "sitting" in-game action whereby it may have led to some negative scenarios. Similar to this, due to an oversight in our design, performing the lyre may also lead to some issues in Version 1.4. This action may interrupt the casting of character skills, thereby causing various abnormal scenarios (such as the Elemental Burst not consuming Energy, the skill animation being forcibly interrupted, quick movements persisting abnormally, etc.). We will fix this issue as soon as possible in a subsequent version, as well as work harder to prevent such issues in development in the future.


Also, we have been made aware of the following issues reported by Travelers:
9. When some character's Elemental Skills are cast (such as Ganyu's "Trail of the Qilin," Amber's "Baron Bunny," and the Geo Traveler's "Starfell Sword"), the generation of Elemental Particles may be abnormal (such as not generating any Elemental Particles, or generating double the expected amount of Elemental Particles).
The development team has fixed this problem in version 1.5.

The developers would like to thank all Travelers for your continued support and feedback on this journey. We welcome more suggestions and feedback from Travelers as we strive to ensure the optimal gaming experience.