"Energy Amplifier Initiation" Gameplay Details

The "Energy Amplifier Initiation" event is about to begin!

Researcher Hosseini of Sumeru has asked you to help collect the precious research material Irminsul Fruit Fragments, to which end he has entrusted a mysterious ancient relic to you for a time: the Energy Amplifier. Help Hosseini to gather Irminsul Fruit Fragments and unleash their power with the Energy Amplifier.

Additionally, new missions have also been added to Realm of Diversion. Complete them to receive BEP.

〓Event Duration〓
Gameplay Duration: 2021/04/30 10:00 – 2021/05/17 03:59 (Server Time)
Event Shop Duration: 2021/04/30 10:00 – 2021/05/24 03:59 (Server Time)

Adventure Rank 20 or above

〓Event Description〓
During the event, Fractured Fruit Data can be obtained by challenging Places of Interest, Domains, and the Twisted Realm. Fractured Fruit Data can be used to exchange for supplies in the event shop.

Next, let's look in more detail at the specific content in the event~

Explore Places of Interest
Your goal is to head to different Places of Interest and retrieve Irminsul Fruit Fragments.


At Places of Interest are strange objects called Mutation Stones, which buff monsters nearby. It is probably a good idea to destroy these Mutation Stones before taking on the monsters.

There are three types of Irminsul Fruit Fragments that can be retrieved from Places of Interest:

Now, what can these different fragments do? First, we must understand a special device known as the Energy Amplifier.

Configure the Energy Amplifier
The Energy Amplifier is a device that can activate the Irminsul Fruit Fragments. Equip Irminsul Fruit Fragments onto the device to provide characters in your party with corresponding buffs (this effect is only active in Domains and the Twisted Realm).
Energy Amplifier Configuration Screen:

Tip: When entering the event Domain while in a Co-Op team, the Energy Amplifier will automatically be switched to the Co-Op Configuration of the host (1P in the party). Please set up your Irminsul Fruit Fragment Co-Op Configuration beforehand.
Motive Force is consumed when equipping Irminsul Fruit Fragments. Use more Motive Force to equip more and higher quality Irminsul Fruit Fragments.

Your initial Motive Force is relative to the total levels of all your characters. The higher level your characters are, the more Motive Force you have.
When you run out of Motive Force, you may seek assistance from up to three of your friend's characters to help gain more Motive Force (you may not request assistance when your available Motive Force is full).


Challenge Domains
During the event, a new Domain will be active when a new act becomes available. When you complete the Domain challenges, you will obtain Fractured Fruit Data and unlock the corresponding Twisted Realm stages. You may only complete each Domain once.


Challenge the Twisted Realm
During the event, points can be acquired by challenging the Twisted Realm. Complete corresponding Domain challenges to unlock the Twisted Realm.

Before the challenge begins, you can select the difficulty level and challenge conditions. Upon completion, you will receive points according to the selected difficulty and conditions. You will also receive Primogems the first time you complete each Twisted Realm stage.

During the event, you can challenge each stage as many times as you wish to get the highest score that you can. Your total combined score is the sum of your high score on each stage challenge. Attain a combined score of certain amounts and you will be able to claim Fractured Fruit Data and the event-exclusive namecard "Celebration: Fruit of Wisdom."

*Once the event ends, unclaimed Twisted Realm rewards will no longer be available. Please make sure to claim your rewards in time.
Tip: It is strongly recommended that Travelers team up with friends for these challenges!

〓Event Rewards〓
Fractured Fruit Data can be used to exchange for Primogems, Crown of Insight, Character EXP Materials, Mora, and other rewards. You can also use 1,000 Fractured Fruit Data to invite "Kätzlein Cocktail" Diona (Cryo) to your party (can only exchange for once).

Well, that's it for now! Stay tuned for more in the upcoming Top Tips issue on the "Energy Amplifier Initiation" event. See you soon!