Payment Methods Supported by Epic Games Store Now Available in Genshin Impact


Dear Travelers,

Months after Genshin Impact was added to the Epic Games Store on June 9, today, we'd like to announce that Travelers worldwide who have downloaded Genshin Impact on Epic Games Store are now able to make in-game transactions with various payment methods supported by Epic Games Store.


To ensure the safety and convenience of online transactions, we will continue to listen to player feedback and seek more eligible payment options globally. Meanwhile, with more entities engaged, the publisher of Genshin Impact on Epic Games Store has been updated to COGNOSPHERE PTE. LTD., which would be responsible for the publishing work on various platforms. Quality service will still be ensured in all publishings.


In the meantime, Version 2.3 "Shadows Amidst Snowstorms" has just gone live today. Don't forget to check out the exciting challenges in Dragonspine, a mysterious case in Inazuma, and opportunities to recruit Albedo, Eula, and new companions Arataki Itto and Gorou from the three Event Wishes "Secretum Secretorum," "Born of Ocean Swell," and "Oni's Royale."


※For additional information on the payment methods accepted by Epic Games Store, please visit Epic Games Store.