The Books Entry Collection Now Available on Genshin Impact HoYoWiki!

It's been three months since the Genshin Impact HoYoWiki officially met everyone. Many thanks to every Traveler for your support and feedback!

In your adventures in Teyvat, have you ever regretted not collecting certain books or letters?

Or, have you ever felt lost when searching for important in-game texts?

With the help of wiki editors and moderators from all over the world, HoYoWiki has now opened a brand new category — Library, where "Books" entry is included for Travelers to read:

>>> Check "Library" in HoYoWiki <<<

In this update, HoYoWiki has also opened three categories — "NPC," "Tutorials," and "Wildlife." Editors and moderators are working very hard on the content of entries. Stay tuned!