Genshin Impact Final Closed Beta FAQ


Travelers, the registration for Genshin Impact's Final Closed Beta is now officially open! If you have any questions concerning this beta test round, please read this FAQ to learn more.

(This FAQ will be updated weekly. If you have any other inquiries, please contact us at:


Q: How can I take part in Genshin Impact's Final Closed Beta?

A: Travelers can complete the registration form on our official website in order to register for the beta test.

Please note that applying does not guarantee that you will gain access to the Final Closed Beta.

*We suggest that you use the latest versions of the Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers to fill this form in.


Q: I have already filled up the registration form for the previous beta test round. Do I have to fill it up again in order to register?

A: Yes, you do. The objectives of the Final Closed Beta are not the same as that of previous rounds. As such, Travelers who have registered for previous rounds of beta testing will still have to fill up the registration form in order to have a chance to gain access. It won't take longer than two minutes, we promise!


Q: How will I know if I have successfully registered?

A: When you have finished the form, you will receive a notice on the web page saying "Registration form submitted!" This notice indicates that you have registered successfully.


Q: How are the participants selected?

A: There are many factors that will be considered, including (but not limited to) time of registration, completeness of registration information, truthfulness of registration information, system specifications and a little luck. Other than this, we will also invite passionate community contributors and some media journalists to participate in the Final Closed Beta in order to better share Genshin Impact's game content.


Q: Other than registering via the form, are there any other ways to gain beta test access?

A: Aside from filling in the registration form, we will also be handing out beta test access through occasional community activities on our official channels.

Official Facebook Page:

Official YouTube Channel: 

Official Forum:

Official Discord:


Q: How long will the Final Closed Beta last?

A: Genshin Impact's Final Closed Beta will be open soon, and its duration will be decided based on player progress.


Q: How will I know if I have gained beta test access?

A: We will contact players who have been invited to take part via email approximately a week before the beta test opens. Please apply as soon as possible, Travelers, and wait patiently for an email (from In order to prevent the invitation email from ending up in your junk/spam folder, please add the sender of the verification email you received after linking an email address to your HoYoverse account to your Contacts (if you received such an email.) Additionally, please mark that email as "Non-Spam."

Please note that the Genshin Impact Community Team will not ask you for any private personal information. Do not believe any rumors from third parties, which may result in your being cheated or scammed.


Q: Will my data be deleted after the Final Closed Beta?

A: Yes. Your characters and game progress will be deleted at the end of this closed beta.


Q: What languages will the Final Closed Beta support?

A: At present, we support 10 different languages, including: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, Russian, Vietnamese and Thai.


Q: What voice-over languages will the Final Closed Beta support?

A: At present, we plan to support in-game voice-over in 4 languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English. The Japanese voice-over is presently being worked on. As such, some dialogue sections may not have Japanese voice-over, and will not represent the final product. Thank you for your understanding, Travelers!


Q: What platforms will the Final Closed Beta be released on, and what are the system requirements?

A: This closed beta test supports mobile platforms (Android and iOS), PC (Windows) and the PlayStation® platform. (If the recommended system requirements change, we will inform all Travelers via our official channels.)

The recommended system requirements are as follows:

-Mobile platforms:

Android: Any model with a Snapdragon 865/855plus/855/845 or Kirin 990/980 processor.

iOS: Any of the following models — iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPad Pro 3, iPad Pro 11 Inch, iPad Air 3, iPad Mini 5, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro, iPhone 11 pro max, iPhone SE (A13, 2nd Gen)

-PC (Windows): Intel Core i5/8G RAM/NvidiaGTX950 or above

-PlayStation® platform: either PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®4 Pro

Please note that as this test features a developmental version of the game, system requirements are still being optimized. As such, it does not represent the state of Genshin Impact's recommended system requirements at its official launch.

Q: Will the Final Closed Beta have any monetized features?

A: This closed beta test will not test any monetized content or features.


Q: If I have been invited to take part in this test, may I stream or create any Genshin Impact-related content?

A: You are very welcome to! There is no Confidentiality Agreement associated with this closed beta test. We welcome Travelers to share Genshin Impact content with others via screenshots, streams, video creation, fan works and walkthroughs/guides. That said, Genshin Impact is still in development. Thus, we hope for your understanding in this matter. We also hope that you will refrain from arbitrarily spreading knowledge of game bugs, errors and other issues.